Summer is approaching fast and you compete with other holidaymakers to build the perfect itinerary. Arrange your destinations wisely to score the most points. Can you book all your holidays before it is too late? Do not let your summer plans fall through!

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Summer Nine is a card drafting game where 2-4 players compete to create their perfect summer holiday plan. There are multiple ways to score points based on the countries you visit, the type of holidays and the sequence of destinations.

A game developed by Panagiotis Katsaroumpas

Free to Play

You are allowed to download, print and play the game.

You are allowed to play the game online.

Noncommercial use only

You are not allowed to use any of the material for commercial purposes.

Example table arrangement for 2 players
Example of cards in hand

Play Online

You can play the game online at It is an online platform that requires no registration to play. You can create an online room by downloading one of the files below and following the instructions on how to import a room.

In addition to the rules in the rulebook, here are some extra instructions for the online version:

  • Each player starts with an equal number of Take Two cards. The first player to play has to discard one.
  • Use the Fill button after picking cards from the pool to fill the empty slots automatically.
  • At the end of the game, during the scoring phase, press the clear button to clear the pool of cards. Go through all the types of cards in hand (ice creams, photos, etc) and use the two empty rows to present to other players what you are holding in hand.
  • If the cards are too small to read on your screen (especially in the 3 or 4 player rooms), you can enable the option to "Enlarge object on mouse-hover/long-press". After importing the room, you can edit the room, then select each of the 2 collections of cards, click "Edit Collection" and select "Enlarge" under "Extras".

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